stephen-buckleStephen Buckle is a philosopher, with special interest in the origins and nature of the ideas that have shaped the modern world.

To this end, he has pursued interests in the early modern scientific and philosophical theories that helped shape modern outlooks (most particularly the philosophy of David Hume and its sources) and some of the defining ideologies of modern times (such as Marxism and feminism). He also has long-standing interests in ancient Greeks and modern Germans, and the sometimes-troubled relationship between them.

A native of Sydney, he studied, as an undergraduate, science and philosophy at Macquarie University in Sydney’s north before completing a PhD in the history of philosophy at ANU in Canberra. He subsequently taught at Monash and La Trobe Universities in Melbourne, Sydney University, and the Sydney campus of the Australian Catholic University. He has also held positions at the University of Essex in England and the University of Konstanz in Germany.

He retired from full-time academic employment in mid-2015, but from 2016 has been a part-time visiting lecturer at the University of the Saarland in Germany, and at the University of Luxembourg.

You can read a little more about Stephen and his background on the More About Stephen page.


You can email Stephen directly on stephenbuckle86@gmail.comsteve-or-bust